LAT in 90 Seconds

Risky Business Move? Viacom Inc. Chairman Sumner Redstone shocked Hollywood with his very public denouncement of Tom Cruise, telling the media that Paramount Pictures is cutting Cruise off because his off-screen antics have become “unacceptable.”

“Redstone estimated that Cruise’s conduct had cost the studio between $100 million and $150 million in box-office receipt.” But ultimately, it may be Redstone’s conduct that worries the studios the most.

“The powerful Creative Artists Agency, which represents Cruise along with many others on Hollywood’s A-list, isn’t likely to forgive the public humiliation,” according to the LAT.

Granted, Redstone has been a top dog in this business since, like, the Civil War but — recent celebrity spankings notwithstanding (we’re looking at you, Lindsay) — this is still a town that runs on star power.

Say What? Maybe we’re feeling grumpy because our macchiato is as dreadful as Christopher Meloni’s apparently was. Or maybe it’s just that we’ve had our fill of celeb stories that mistake lists of food for insight. Anyway, best we can tell this is a story about how Meloni, who is nominated for an Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, got famous after he left LA. Or maybe it’s about a Manhattan Starbucks. We’re not sure.

We’re With Stupid:
Hoping to attract “the kids,” respectable entertainment outfits are increasingly hooking up with online video companies, and according to a story today by Chris Gaither and Dawn C. Chmielewski,
Sony Pictures Entertainment today is expected to become one of them.

In a $65 million deal, Sony is buying online video service Grouper Networks Inc., becoming “the latest traditional media company to vie for a growing — and potentially lucrative — Internet audience that prefers its entertainment short and, often, stupid.”

We’re not entirely sure, but FBLA thinks we’ve just been dissed.