LAT in 90 Seconds

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The headline to this story tells you everything you need to know: Call It Shyamaladenfreude. We’re less impressed with the premise as we are with the term “Shymaladenfreude. Finally, we have alternative to the much played-out “Shymalama-ding-dong.” We feel renewed. Thank you, L.A. Times!

Virgin Sacrifice: images-44.jpgPBS Kids Sprout network got all PTC uppity and fired Melanie Martinez from her gig hosting a preschool kids show after it learned Martinez had appeared in the spoof videos Technical Virgin.

The videos in question are fake public service announcements about how young women can maintain their virginity. But there’s nothing fake about the Internet furor her firing has caused. Didn’t PBS learn anything from childhood? Don’t. Make. Mom. Mad.

Cool Advice: images-43.jpgHot weather — any weather, really — always taxes a newsroom. What clever new story can we come up with to say, basically, “It’s hot?” We applaud the LAT effort today, in which Hollywood makeup artist Mike Elizalde shares cooling-down tips employed by actors in giant rubber suits. If this heat wave continues, expect interviews with firefighters, flame throwers, fry cooks and a docent from the Nixon Library.