LAT in 90 Seconds

Movies Reviewed: images-34.jpg
It’s a sad weekend for movie-goers, according to the Times.

Monster House is too scary for kids under 8. And let’s face it, if you’re older, you have no business seeing this film.

Lady in the Water is kinda silly.

Heading South is disappointing (but click on the link anyway. Our girl-crush, Carina Chocano’s review is worth the read).

Clerks II is, as you’d expect from a sequel, not as good as the original.

So, movie-goers, you’re left with My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Sure it may be a fun film. But were you really planning on seeing it? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

You Read It Here First: Nina.jpgThe LAT publishes what appears to be a summary of all the coverage our own Kate Coe has done on studio firings. Do they give us props? No, no they don’t.

Dial Down Economics: images-35.jpgIn a funny op-ed piece, British ex-pat Chris Ayres predicts the new “424” area code will bring the L.A. housing market to its knees. Who will want to move, if moving means giving up a 310 area code? “Big-city digits are like brands — residents want to be associated with them because it gives them insider status. And there is no hipper code than 310.”