LAT in 90


Bet Madonna’s got one.
Dan Neil’s sure to get hate mail, thanks to his positive review of Land Rover’s smaller but no less aristo 2008 LR2. How dare he like a SUV?

We all sing with the same voice.
Stop the presses: a private school in Brentwood holds workshops for Diversity Day.

Take me out to the ball-game and leave me there.
An unsigned editorial actually critizes Senator John Kerry and his faux-populist distress over major league baseball’s deal with DirecTV. Why doesn’t Kerry just get the wife to buy him a team of his own?

Food Section: Italian pudding, wine bars, leeks and Blue Velvet review.

No room in the overhead?
A guy tried to board a flight from LAX to for Philly with some unusual carry-on items:

Al-Maliki, a former security guard, told screeners that he knew what had triggered the alarm and proceeded to remove items from his rectum, including a rock, chewing gum and thin wire filament.