LAT in 89 Seconds


Chimps Are Fine
The beleaguered LA Zoo received some praise from Jane Goodall at a weekend conference on chimpanzees.

“Those chimps have a good time, for zoo chimps,” Goodall said of the facility’s chimpanzee area. “It’s a lot better than some.”

Susannah Rosenblatt’s story would have been a terrific photo essay.

Those Pesky Parents
Bob Sipchen’s School Me column tackles the she-said, she-said battle at Woodland Hills Elementary. FBLA remembers when parents backed the teachers.

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When Bells and Whistles Fizzles
In Entertainment News, Meg James reports that cinematic techniques drive up television production costs, but don’t pay off in viewers. Lost shot in Hawaii and had a plane crash, so now every EP wants to do the same. Nancy Tellem of CBS/Paramount says

“There’s a little bit of desperation out there.”

A little bit?