LAT Farewells: Sam Verhovek

acemet.jpg Seattle correspondent Sam Howe Verhovek, formerly of the NYT, got us a bit teary-eyed with this one. And we’re a tough crowd.

Dear Colleagues — Well, I’ve hardly felt quite this choked up since leaving friends at college. Thank you for being such a terrific group of people to work with, and for both the examples of journalistic integrity and the personal kindnesses so many of you have shown over the years.

You produce one of the most outstanding newspapers in the world. Please fight the good fight to keep it so, whether readers are getting your work the old-fashioned ink-and-paper way, on their computer screen or their cell phone, or maybe even on one of those cheap downloadable digital tablets that may just successfully bring ‘The Front Page’ back to the future one day! Whichever way, this newspaper remains a wonderful trust, and I’ll certainly be rooting for you.

Please note the e-mail contact and home phone number below — if any of you find yourself in Seattle and we can somehow find a place that sells coffee, the cup’s on me.

All the Best, shv