LAT: AMI paid hush money for Arnold


araim.jpg‘Outercourse’? The Los Angeles Times reports that around the same time that American Media was negotiating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s now-terminated consulting deal– and right after Schwarzenegger announced his gubernatorial run– the media company signed a $20,000 exclusive-rights deal for the story of Gigi Goyette, who claims she was having regular ‘outercourse’ sessions with Schwarzenegger. (Says her lawyer, “She maintained it was more of a massage situation – however you want to interpret that.”) AMI also paid a friend of Goyette’s $1000 for exclusive story rights.

The thing is, no AMI publication ever followed up with Goyette on the story or printed anything further about it beyond a story which mentioned her in 2001. Which makes this $20,000 look an awful lot like hush money provided by AMI to further Schwarzenegger’s political ambitions.

Poor Goyette, who thought the exclusive-rights contract was a prelude to the kind of exposure that would lead to a book deal. And thus, her dreams of lucrative, trashy notoriety were dashed.