Larry Kramer: ”WSJ Doesn’t Publish To A Web Audience … It Publishes On A Newspaper Audience’s Needs”


Paidcontent today posts a video today shot in’s offices starring two legends in business media, Larry Kramer and Jim Cramer. Larry Kramer is the former founder, chairman and CEO of before it was sold to Dow Jones (Kramer is presently a consultant for Conde Nast’s Portfolio); Jim Cramer is the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and the co-founder of From the video:

”Cramer: I don’t (think) people realized how cash-constrained the Journal is. The Journal kept a gate, in large part, because they needed revenue everywhere, but the gate allowed Yahoo Finance to become the gold standard, not the Journal, and that shouldn’t have happened.”

“… Kramer: I think even when you make the Journal free, if he (Rupert Murdoch) does, which I think it’s probably a wise move, it’s still going to be problematic because the Journal doesn’t publish to a web audience on their needs, it publishes on a newspaper audience’s needs.”

(image via paidcontent)