Larry King’s Christmas Movie

Set in New York City; shot in Bulgaria.

It seems appropriate to write about this topic as the hashtag #RuinaChristmasMovie is top trending on Twitter. Not because Christmas Eve is in the view of some a stinker, but rather due to the fact that the current comical commingling on social media mirrors the idea of a holiday flick co-produced by Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick.

The Dec. 4 limited release follows six groups of people stuck aboard separate elevators across New York City on Christmas Eve. Patrick Stewart is the “Trump” of the bunch, a billionaire developer stranded at the construction site of his latest highrise. And here’s most of the other characters, via this week’s Variety review:

Among the other folks inside other elevators: A loutish human resources manager (Max Casella) and the nerdy factotum (Jon Heder, Napoleon Dynamite) he just fired; a group of squabbling orchestra musicians (insert joke about sour notes here); a smart-alecky photographer (James Roday) who encourages his fellow passenger, an introverted paralegal (Julianna Guill), to be all she can be; an agnostic surgeon (Gary Cole) who reluctantly agrees to pray with a patient (Christina Chong) not long for this world; and two insufferably ditzy young women (Roxanne Cook, Margaret Clunie) who surprisingly — maybe even miraculously — do not arouse homicidal impulses among the people with whom they’re in close quarters.

Southwick is also on board as a co-star, playing a nurse in that Cole-Chong elevator. The film was written and directed by Utah filmmaker Mitch Davis, based on a spec script by Tyler McKellar.

As L.A. Times reviewer Martin Tsai reminded, this one was shot at a locale far distant from NYC:

Sofia, Bulgaria, stands in for the Big Apple, which still doesn’t help explain why the elevators are practically the size of most Manhattan bedrooms and none of the buildings have functional backup generators.