The Chainsmokers Sit Down With Larry King

Latest episode of Larry King Now features EDM DJ duo.

At one point during the latest episode of Larry King Now, the host notes that he has been a radio and TV broadcaster longer than the combined ages of New York-based EDM duo The Chainsmokers. That is indeed correct. King started doing his media thing 59 years ago in 1957, while Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall (pictured below, right to left) are, respectively, 26 and 30.

It’s always fun when the wise one sits down with youthful guests. During another portion of the interview, King runs the pair through a rapid-fire-questions bit called “If You Only Knew.” Taggart has a great answer when asked by Larry to name a guilty pleasure. “I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures,” he states.

Another one of the quick questions relates to the “craziest or strangest fan encounter:”

“At a show in Italy,” recalls Pall, “this fan in the front row, this girl, was staring at both of us performing. And she just pulls out a hair buzzer, and she starts shaving her long hair and like mixing it around on the stage, because it was kind of like a small crowd. And when you think it couldn’t get any weirder, she starts eating the hair. And she disappeared before we could get any answers.”

New episodes of King’s Ora TV and Hulu program are posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Other recent guests have included Susan Sarandon, Colin Cowherd and Charo.