News Deeply Tackles the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Mashable's Jason Abbruzzese profiles founder Lara Setrakian.

RefugeesDeeplyAt age 33, Lara Setrakian has been running News Deeply for four years now. As Mashable business and media writer Jason Abbruzzese notes in his deep dive look at her operation, something a little different has been going on lately:

For the past few months, Setrakian has been running it all while very, very pregnant.

She admits it was something that did force her to pause, at least at first. “Can I really pitch and can I really do a demo day with a big belly?” she recalls thinking.

Now, she says, “I’m tired of being afraid of it.”

“I’ve never been a better CEO than when I’ve been pregnant,” she says. “It has made me a lot stronger and a lot more capable to draw the line in certain places.”

“I’m actually going to coin this as ‘power preggers,’” Setrakian says.

Ha ha. Let’s get the hashtag going. Plenty more in the piece, including the revelation by Setrakian that every Deeply vertical investigation so far has been profitable. The newest such content platform from the site, Refugees Deeply, is its largest undertaking yet.

News Deeply is headquartered in New York, with a small staff off 11 spread across four countries. Abbruzzese’s report was edited by Heidi Moore, product managed by Prerna Singh and guided by deputy executive editor Amanda Wills.