Lance Weiler Talks Sundance and ‘Transmedia’

Over at the mediabistro mothership, Felicia Pride has a Q & A with “transmedia” filmmaker Lance Weiler in the latest installation of our “Hey, How Did You Do That?” interview series. Pride spoke to Weiler about his recent entry into Sundance: Pandemic 1.0 — a multimedia experience that included elements of ” film, mobile, social gaming, data visualization and real-world interaction.”

A taste:

There were so many moving parts with Pandemic when you introduced it at Sundance. How were you able to maintain the quality of the experience?

We developed software to help us schedule and time things out. I’m very interested in how data can be used within storytelling and how contextualized storytelling can facilitate more efficient delivery of story and bridge social connections. We modeled different cinemas after cities around the world and, when people checked-in, the virus would spread. We wrote an algorithm that would measure certain things, so that the story would ebb and flow based on real world applications.

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