Lady Gaga Stops by for Bikram Yoga


What’s a yoga studio owner to do when Lady Gaga stops by for a class? Well, let her in and take the class, of course.

That happened Wednesday when Lady Gaga, in town for a concert, came by Liz Glover’s Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, for a noon class. Beforehand, one of Gaga’s people contacted Glover and one of her advance people came in to check the place out. Glover, a former TWT gossip scribe, is a freelance videographer.

Gaga showed up before class began and stayed a little while after to play with a six-year-old whose mother was teaching the class.

Glover said Gaga behaved normally for Bikram – a 90 minute class at a toasty 105 degrees. “You’re just in your own little world,” she said. “I knew she was there, but it’s a meditation, you just focus on yourself in the mirror.”

What was Gaga’s attire? “She was wearing what looked like lingerie or a bathing suit from American Apparel,” Glover explained. “Sort of lingerie, could have been a bathing suit, not really sure.”

Yoga classmates didn’t go gaga over Gaga. “Everyone was totally fine,” said Glover. “She was very friendly. Every member of her staff was very nice and very professional.”

Glover added, “She was another student, you know?”

Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill is located at 410 H Street NE DC.