Columnist: Lacey Spears Was Never a Mommy Blogger

Can someone be termed a “mommy blogger” if, over the span of 13 years, they posted just two blog items? And how about the tag “social media mom”? For that moniker, shouldn’t someone require thousands of Twitter followers rather than ten’s. And a tweet more recent than February 2010?


According to Daily Beast contributor Andy Hinds, if you’re today’s media, the answers to these questions are no, and, hell no! Hinds takes major media outlets, including the New York Times, to task for carelessly running with the Journal-News‘s original description as such of Lacey Spears, an upstate New York mother now charged with the second-degree murder of her son.

He also reached out to an actual mommy blogger, Liz Gumbinner (Mom 101), who very much agreed with him:

“I feel like we’ve really reached rock-bottom as a society when the story of a sick woman hurting her son isn’t enough shock value for the mainstream media to get the page views they need any more,” she said. “We now have to make it more salacious by adding in some sort of zeitgeist-y pop culture reference to social media and blogging…”

“I can’t find any other bloggers who had heard of her before this. And yet, the media has focused on the fact that she is a ‘mommy blogger.’

“I was on a little league team in fifth grade but it doesn’t make me a baseball player…”

Several comments to the Daily Beast article are worth noting. User maggiemom points out that Spears’ Facebook page “Garnett’s Journey,” which Hinds glosses over, was actively maintained. And SoloTraveler puts forth some intriguing terminology to frame all this:

The 24/7 all-noise, all-the-time media environment forces networks to “truffle hunt” for any nugget of information – be it fact or fiction – to broadcast or print.