LA Writer-Producer Plans Casey Anthony Documentary

For many years, Canyon News columnist Tommy Garrett has been sharing idiosyncratic dispatches derived from his many other celebrity dealings as a publicist, actor, and so on. He’s got deep showbiz connections and a style reminiscent of George Christie‘s Hollywood Reporter heyday.

This week, TG has exclusive details about a new Casey Anthony documentary project. Writer-producer Alexandria Altman says she will be working with casting director Ricki Maslar, the mother-and-daughter author team of Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia, and an unnamed Chicago director. Garrett reports that Altman was so perturbed at first by the idea of doing an Anthony-themed project that it affected her personal health:

Having known Altman, I can report, even though she did not want me to, that after she finally was convinced to be a part of this project, she became extremely ill and was taken to the hospital. She became physically ill over the idea of dealing with the content and subject matter of the Caylee Anthony murder case, but felt a growing need to educate the public. “This is not exploitation, as you know, Tommy. I would never be a part of anything like that. Nor would the people involved with this project be a part of that as well,” said Alexandria.

Altman also has a children’s book series in the works called Cinderella’s Chronicles as well as a TV talk show project she describes as a cross between The View and Martha Stewart Living. Casting director Maslar for her part has more than a dozen 2011 projects on her voluminous resume including Zombie Hamlet and the Charisma Carpenter TV movie Deadly Sibling Rivalry.