LA Times Photos May Help Get the US Out of Afghanistan

At a press conference today, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai said that after seeing the photos of American soldiers posing with the body parts of dead Afghans in the LA Times, he demanded an “accelerated and full transition of security responsibilities to Afghan forces, so Afghanistan can take over its own destiny, and thus no such things can be repeated by the foreign forces in Afghanistan.”

In other words, he wants us out. And he wants us out quickly.

More from the LA Times:

The NATO force is due to wind down its combat role in 2014, but growing numbers of troop-contributing nations have indicated they plan to pull out their fighting forces next year. A transition of security responsibilities to the Afghan police and army is the centerpiece of the U.S. exit strategy.

U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker countered that getting out would be great and all, but the Taliban will only initiate peace talks with the United States.

Well, we better stick around then. Because there’s no way the Taliban are dangling peace negotiations as an excuse to keep us boggled down in a quagmire. No sir. They just hate seeing us cut our education budgets and social security benefits so we can chase them around some caves in the middle of nowhere. It breaks their hearts.