LA Times Editorial–Hazing is Bad, LAFD is Bad, Trial is Good


We got our wish, but as they say, be careful what you wish for. The LA Times has an editorial on the Tennie “Big Dog” Pierce affair, but rather than championing the Mayor’s common sense or condemning the City Council for its lack of same, the unsigned editorial gets all fluttery at hazing, pranks, and frat-boy behavior in the Fire Department.

Don’t these people watch Rescue Me? Firefighters, like cops and soldiers go to work everyday expecting the worst–death, maiming, permanent injury. At the LA Times, a writer can expect a paper cut. People–and let’s be real here–men seek ways to allieviate stress, and invent rituals, rites of passage, practical jokes and so on. Because these people aren’t sensitive young poetesses, the humor is coarse and physical. Frat boys imitate this, not the other way around.

The editorial writer thinks that by going to trial:

…the city will now get a chance to hear just how dysfunctional its Fire Department is.

FBLA wonders why the LA Times hasn’t ever thought of doing an investigation on this dysfunctional department–too local? Not enough women involved? Maybe the reporters are afraid they’d get ridiculed? Or is this some money-saving idea–let the tax-payers pay instead of Tribune?

FBLA isn’t up on the history of the Fire Department. Maybe it is a cesspool of racist, sexist, agist, lookist, homophobic crackpots who get juiced up every day and shave each other’s private parts. But they also stride into doors while the rest of us are running out.


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