LAT Media Group Circulars Wind Up in USPS Trash

On Monday morning, reporters for the Easy Reader News took some photos of recycling bins behind the Redondo Beach Main Post Office filled with apparently undelivered Local Values advertising circulars issued by the LA Times Media Group and PennySaver USA. Although a spokesperson for the USPS told the paper the materials were likely deemed “undeliverable, duplicate, or excess,” LAT spokeswoman Nancy Sullivan is not so sure.

After reviewing copies of the photos, here’s what Sullivan told the paper:

Sullivan said that the Times’ system prevents duplications. “The Los Angeles Times Media Group does utilize the United States Post Service (USPS) to deliver Local Values in Redondo Beach and we are gravely concerned about what this photo appears to depict,” Sullivan said in a statement. “The Times will be working with the USPS to understand the circumstances and their plans to remedy the situation if necessary, and will join with the producers of the other mailers apparently disposed of to gain a full understanding.”

The investigative piece by Mark McDermott, Chelsea Sektnan and James Whitely delves into a range of other reported problems at the Redondo Beach Main Post Office. At the end of the article, a mail carrier who examined the photos relays his skepticism about the USPS explanation. The matter is one of several employee concerns that has been reported to the office of Congresswoman Janice Hahn, which has referred the matter to the office of the Inspector General.

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