LA Times Announces Winners of Its ‘2010 Editorial Awards’

The LA Times announced the winners of its in-house editorial awards last night. Not surprisingly, the paper’s Pulitzer-winning Bell coverage won in the “investigations” category as well as garnering the “Publisher’s Prize.”

Writes Times publisher Eddie Hartenstein of his paper’s Bell coverage: “Robert Rizzo and his cronies, I think, savored their windfall and knew all too well what they were doing and knew they had to keep it secret. And if anyone was bold enough to uncover it, it was some of our folks here. They went to ask the city clerks at Bell, Calif., and the response they got repeatedly was ‘Those records aren’t available; come back in two weeks.’ But they wouldn’t accept that…. When [the lid] finally came off the Bell salary scandal, it was not because of a grand jury or a conscience-stricken official or anything like that. It was because of two intrepid L.A. Times reporters.”

Check out the full list of winners here.

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