LA Startup Promises to ‘Fix Freelancing’

Any of you freelancers out there ever get screwed out of a payment? We know we have. A new site,, is promising to “fix freelancing.”

How exactly?

According to a recent writeup in Fast Company, the site will offer “a complete pitch-to-payment cloud workflow system for freelancers and their employers. It helps digitally manage work assignments, editorial calendars, invoices, pitches, expenses, contract information, and payment. Freelance journalists, meanwhile, will be able to have access to all their outstanding invoice and payment information in one place. The startup also plans to implement a clip and algorithm service to match freelancers with potential new clients.”

We spoke with one of Assignmint’s founders, former New York Press editor and recent LA transplant Jeff Koyen, who told us more about how the site will work.

“In short, as currently planned, the system will be free for all writers (and, in the future, any kind of freelancer). These are fully functioning accounts, no throttles, no limits. Freelancers can create, send and track pitches, create assignments from the ones that land, then track and manage these assignments all the way to the end. We’re also building editor-side tools — the same tools, in fact. Editors can filter and manage incoming pitches, issue assignments and then handle all related fulfillment (e.g. contracts and invoices) right from their dashboard. We’ll also have premium team editorial accounts that feature more workflow and sharing tools.”

The idea is currently in the development phase. But Koyen tells us interested freelancers should get involved now.

“[We] plan to launch in private beta in early summer. To get on the beta list, interested freelancers should sign up at”

If it can get us paid without having to send 17 invoices, we’re in.