Photographers Rise Up Against Fashion Event Producer

An ugly PR battle has erupted in the wake of last weekend’s L.A. Fashion Weekend event. Held at Sunset Gower Studios, the recurring series of runway shows is put on by The Gallery and broadcast locally on KTLA.

At issue is the apparent selective media credentialing conducted by event producer Mikey Koffman and her reps. From the Agenda magazine blog post that sparked what is now a full-blown Facebook rebellion:

The real offense came when Koffman forced photographers and videographers to sign a release before shooting the shows, demanding they relinquish their rights to use the images except for blogs and online local press, and to give all their commercial rights and ownership over to her—a stunt Koffman pulled at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for her “Green Initiative” show a few years back when the events were held at Smashbox Studios. This is what really caused the loudest uproar amongst Los Angeles’s local press.

“I was told to get over this document last night, not make a big deal, stop complaining and just sign it. Meanwhile, another media photographer was NOT forced to sign such a document for their credentials upon their arrival a short time later,” complained a local photographer. “Welcome to the ‘Mikey Koffman Ego Variety Hour Part II’ where EVERYONE can be HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER for a small donation of handing over YOUR HARD CREATIVE WORK to her for FREE!”

Today, a press release has been issued to fuel this fashion fire. Expect Koffman to be forced to change her righteous release-signing ways, if the allegations are correct.