LA DWP Among ‘Most Hated Companies’ in America

We’re number 13! We’re number 13!

Business Insider just compiled a list of the 19 “most hated” companies in America, based off the figures of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and LA’s Department of Water and Power is apparently the thirteenth worst–inexplicably in front of Bank of America, who played a major factor in the housing crash and the continued collapse of the American economy. Goldman Sachs, who sold its own clients a bunch of toxic mortgages and then bet on them to fail, is somehow nowhere on the list.

Anyway, here’s what Business Insider says about the DWP:

The LADWP is also seeking to raise electric and water rates for their consumers in order to afford the new renewable energy commitment set forth by the city of Los Angeles. If approved – it will be up to the Los Angeles City Council – increases in charges for consumers would hike to more than 15 percent for water and 16 percent for power over the next three years.

Damn renewable energy! You’re the 13th worst DWP!