Kytephone App Turns Android Phones Into Kid-Safe Devices

With the launch of Mobicip, Happly, Play Safe, and now Kytephone, the market for childproofing your gadgets is now getting a little crowded.

Like Mobicip, Kytephone offers parents a way to lock down most of the features of an Android phone so kids cannot get up to mischief.

The app will restrict access to certain features, but it also takes child-proofing one step further. Parents can use this app as a tracking device. They can check the Kytephone website for updates on their kid’s location, and also note where the child has been. This app can also limit outgoing calls to a pre-approved list.

There’s no plans for an iOS app, but this app is available for free in Google Play. Why only Android (and not the iPhone)? Simple. The app can achieve deeper integration on the Android platform than on iOS. Once it’s running the app cannot be diabled by kids, not even if they reboot the phone. That level of control simply isn’t possible on iPhone, unfortunately.