KP Startup Booyah Building “Cause-Oriented” Social Games for the iPhone

Booyah!While details remain sketchy, iPhone app development company Booyah is currently producing a round of “cause-oriented” apps, somewhat similar to games like Akoha.

Booyah CEO and co-founder Keith Lee says his team of 16 is building a “playful digital life companion that combines the immersive experiences that draw consumers to massively multi-player online games, the interconnectedness of social media, and the power of iPhone and iPod touch.”

Lee has a knack for keeping the details of a game secret. Previously, he worked as a lead producer on Diablo III at Blizzard Entertainment, a company that would offer just enough detail prior to a launch to entice the users without telling them exactly what they want to know. Considering his track record, Lee can afford to be a bit vague: He has led titles that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Now, working with a team comprised of some of the industry’s most well-respected leaders, Lee appears poised for another successful run.

In addition to Lee, another big name on staff is Booyah’s chief creative officer and co-founder Brian Morrisroe, who worked as art lead for the MMO behemoth World of Warcraft and Diablo III. Booyah’s third co-founder is Sam Christiansen, the company’s chief technology officer. Christiansen was also a senior programming member of the Diablo III team. Other key members are executives Rob Pardo from Blizzard and Min Kim from Nexon America, who are serving as advisors.

The cast of big names has certainly caught the attention of investors. The company raised $4.5 million from Kleiner Perkins’ $100 million iFund last year. (Kleiner also invested in the start-up Ngmoco, another iPhone developer, last year.)