Koufax Trumps Magic in LAT Sports Poll

Former Dodger lefty Sandy Koufax was the runaway winner in the Los Angeles Times‘ countdown of the 20 greatest local sports figures.

The three-time Cy Young Award winner received 57 more first-place votes than No. 3 Vin Scully, and 90 more than No. 2 Magic Johnson.

Steve Dilbeck explains why Koufax winning shouldn’t be a surprise to readers:

“He won three Cy Youngs, all unanimously. He pitched four no-hitters, one a perfect game. Was part of three World Series champions.

At a time when the Dodgers were capturing the hearts of Los Angeles for the first time, he was at the team’s center, at its core. A love affair blossomed and he was its dark-eyebrowed heartthrob.

And it was much more than numbers. It was the way he was held in awe, not just by fans, but opposing players. The way he demanded the ball. The way he stuck to his personal beliefs. The way he competed. The Left Arm of God, indeed.

He was the greatest left-hander in baseball history and Los Angeles’ first true professional sports megastar. He was so private, it probably added an aura of mystery that only deepened his allure.”

Here’s my Top 5:

1. Magic Johnson

2. Vin Scully

3. John Wooden

4. Sandy Koufax

5. Jerry West