Konami Goes With Cute Concepts in Gesundheit! on iOS

Video game publisher Konami adds to its iOS repertoire this week with stealth puzzle game, Gesundheit!, which currently sits at #58 for iPhone and #24 on iPad. The game, developed by Australian indie house Revolutionary Concepts, hit the App Store on July 28 with a promotional half-off price of $0.99 on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad.

The game puts players in the role of a little green pig named Gesundheit that must defeat several enemy types out to eat him and his friends. Gameplay consists of navigating Gesundheit through a maze-like level viewed from the top-down perspective, trying to position him or his snot in such a way as to lure enemies into a maw of an underground fish. Players control Gesundheit by tapping on locations where they want the pig to go, which can lead to difficulties as the path-finding mechanism automatically chooses the quickest route instead of the one most likely to avoid enemies.

Once enemies spot Gesundheit, they will give chase until Gesundheit rounds a corner far enough away to “hide” from the pursuing creature or until Gesundheit leads them to their deaths. Players can also tap on the pig, drag backwards to alter trajectory, and fire a ball of snot onto the map. Should it land in line of sight of an enemy, the creature will happily jaunt on over and eat it. The idea of this mechanism is to lure enemies to where the player wants them without revealing Gesundheit’s location.

In order to keep levels fresh, Konami has also added in a number of extra environmental mechanics. Some of these are puzzle-based, consisting of things like teleporting stars and switches to open new paths. These can be used and triggered by both snot projectiles and enemies themselves. Other environmental features play on Gesundheit’s allergies, such as patches of land covered in flowers or grass that grant his snot balls special abilities like a grappling-hook feature.

Like other puzzle games, Gesundheit! tracks level high scores via Apple’s Game Center. Scores are totally from time to complete, number of snot balls used, and how many Star Fruit the player collects within a level. Each level has three Star Fruit, which only Gesundheit himself can collect (not his snot balls). These bonus items are not required to progress through individual levels, a cumulative total is required to unlock new sets of level.

Those interested in the progress of Gesundheit! on iOS can track its position in App Store rankings on our traffic tracking service, AppData.