Study: How can a brand survive with Facebook’s algorithm?


Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has been the bane of many a marketer’s existence for months, but Copenhagen-based Komfo released a study last week with tips on how to make the changes work for Pages.

The bottom line of the study is that businesses must create Facebook relevant and engaging content, and move away from the idea that a large fan base will make a brand exceptional. This might seem like a no-brainer, but Komfo says its more important to have a smaller fan base that truly loves a brand and wants to engage with it.

Hans Tosti, Komfo’s Customer Development Specialist, said in a blog post:

Brands should focus on having smaller fan bases, create some local pages and actually ensure that the users who like their page really love the brand and want to engage with it. Fan engagement is a crucial factor on Facebook, and as long as you prove to Facebook that your fans really are willing to engage with you, no matter the size of your fanbase, the algorithms will automatically ensure that your brand shines through in the newsfeed.

While brand managers may get frustrated that overall reach numbers are down, Tosti argues that Facebook’s algorithm delivers the content to those who would be most likely to actually take some kind of action.

However, businesses should also consider lowering the amount of call-to-action posts and focus on interactive posts instead. Brands must also support their content efforts with Facebook advertising, in order to maintain a high level of fan penetration, while improving their page’s reach and engagement.

The main findings of the study — comprising more than 5,000 pages in March — include:

  • fan penetration decreased from 25.2 percent in August to 11.3 percent in March 2014
  • viral amplification decreased from 0.42 percent in August to 0.39 percent in March 2014
  • CTR increased from 5.62 percent in August to 8.33 percent in March 2014; and
  • viral amplification decreased.

Readers: How are you adapting to the changes in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm?

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