Koffler Has Good Excuse for ‘Missing’ Pool Duty

Keith Koffler has a great reason as to why he didn’t show up to White House Pool Duty this morning — he no longer works for Roll Call.

“I resigned three weeks ago and my last day was Wednesday, Jan 24,” wrote Koffler, Roll Call’s former White House scribe wrote FishbowlDC. “I’ve never missed pool in my life.”

The obvious question: Where is Koffler working now? “I haven’t “announced” my next gig though it is White House related and the finishing touches are still being, well, finished,” he said. “But I promise to let you know soon.”

Koffler says he has only good feelings about Bloomberg News’s Ed Chen, who wrote the prickly Pool Report wondering where Koffler was this morning for coverage of the National Prayer Breakfast.