Kobo Vox to Ship with the Rdio Music App

Kobo announced today that it’s worked out deal with Rdio to ship Rdio’s new app on the Vox. Soon Vox owners will be able to enjoy any of 12 million tracks offered by the digital music service.

According to Kobo, Rdio’s inherently social features made it the perfect fit for the Kobo Vox. The app allows users to discover music through friends and trendsetters and it takes the work out of deciding what to play next.

While this is good news for Vox owners, it’s not clear yet what the companies will do when the Vox is released internationally. Rdio is only available in the US, Canada, and Brazil, which might present a problem to Vox owners.

Michael Serbinis CEO of Kobo, said: “The Kobo Vox was designed for today’s connected consumers. Finding new books and new music is best done through trusted sources and friends. With Kobo Vox and Rdio, our customers can not only discover new books by connecting with other readers, but also new music from the convenience of one device.”

In the United States, the Kobo Vox eReader is available in Fry’s stores, and it’s also available online from other retailers including Best Buy and Kobo.com for $199.99.