Kobo Touch Updated

Kobo has just rolled out another update for their 6″ eReader, the Kobo Touch. I haven’t had a chance to install it myself, but Kobo is reporting that this update fixes a number of customer complaints, including:

  • Improved recognition of page-turn taps
  • Home screen now correctly remembers your carousel choice
  • Improved sync performance
  • Fixed rendering of menu items when a word is highlighted
  • Fixed trouble connecting to wifi – reported by our customers

A number of users have already installed the update. A couple have complained of the margin between the top row of text and the edge of the screen going away. And other users have confirmed that the screen tap issue does appear to have been improved. There have also been complaints that the ltest update introduced Wifi issues with some KTs, though that does appear to be in the minority.

If you’d like to install the update, you’ll need to run Kobo Desktop on your computer and then connect your Kobo Touch via USB. You should be prompted to install the update. If you don’t have Kobo Desktop, you can download it here.

But if that doesn’t work for you, some users have also reported successfully installing the update over wifi.