Kobo Launches German eBookstore

Canadian-based eBook company Kobo has launched an eBookstore in Germany. The store launches with 80,000 German language titles and a total of 2.4 million eBooks in the store, making it the largest eBookstore in Germany.

The company has also released its Kobo Touch eReader in Germany (the device launched in the U.S. in June). The device has a black-and-white eInk touch screen. In addition, Kobo has released its German language eReader apps for various different devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android.

The store marks Kobo’s push into the European market. The company plans to open up stores in Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands in the near future. Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis stated: “The European reading community is hungry for eBooks, and with our rollout in Germany we’re realizing our vision of delivering local content and immersive reading experiences to more readers, on more platforms, in more countries around the world.”