Kno to Launch Browser & Facebook Based Textbook Apps

I wouldn’t visit the Kno website for the next few days; it’s down currently because Kno is working on a new site that’s going to let students read their textbooks sans the Kno iPad app.

Know is also working on a Facebook based reading app, but it doesn’t appear to be working either. In fact, the Facebook app appears to simply be a plug-in that will show the Kno website on Facebook. It’s not actually a native app.

I have been told by Kno that the site should be back up later today.

“Kno is focused on redefining the learning experience well beyond the textbook. Students interact differently in the digital medium and our goal is to help students easily extract the pertinent information for their classes,” said Osman Rashid, CEO and Co-Founder, Kno, Inc. “Our latest release gives students the most advanced set of interactive features that helps them study more efficiently and focus on what is most important to get the grades they want.”

This is a remarkable change of pace for  the former hardware company. Kno was launched last year with lots of fanfare surrounding its large and expensive dual screen tablet. But pre-orders didn’t arrive as fast as Kno had hoped, and Kno ended up cancelling the tablet and throwing away any units it had already built.