Kit Kat, P&G, Pet Centric and others among this week this week’s PTAT gainers for product and service pages

Kit Kat is this week’s top gainer for the People Talking About This metric among product and service pages on Facebook. The page has seen huge weekly growth as it earned over one million stories across their pages.

The top 10 product and service pages saw PTAT growth between 85,211 and 1,063,923 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Kit Kat1,077,1560+1,063,923
2   P&G475,2160+224,385
3   Petcentric by Purina444,555+22,076+168,847
4   Under Armour174,580+6,927+151,494
5   慕妮佧 Muñeca185,775+87,529+150,528
6   AXE297,351+26,332+134,358
7   Amazon Kindle179,246-59+132,748
8   supportstore.us120,6090+114,135
9   Grandparents.com186,302+9,006+97,517
10   RebelsMarket114,207+103+85,211


Kit Kat is one of the brands that received early access to global pages, a new feature allowing international brand pages to maintain to a single fan page with localized experiences for users in different countries. The page’s has more than 10 million Likes, which is a sum that includes its different local pages. From Kit Kat Malaysia, Kit Kat Netherlands and Kit Kat Japan, the brand’s PTAT includes all these pages’s engagements as well. Kit Kat has largely benefit from this new feature. As more brands adjust to use this new feature, it will be interesting to see how dramatically it affects the growth of these pages.

Another page that has seen substantial engagement this week is Petcentric by Purina. Instead of heavily advertising one of their products, the page is dedicated to creating a community of pet lovers. The page draws engagement from pictures of pets with specific calls to action as well as user submitted pictures. By focusing on posting branded content instead of overtly marketing their products, Purina is able to see a more dedicated community. It is a subtle way to brand a user’s experience on Facebook.

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