Walter Cronkite Never Did This

From “That’s the way it is…” to “This is the way it is?!?” And via the august BBC, no less.

Look, it’s all well and good to have some fun on Halloween. Especially if you’re on a morning show and your name is Matt Lauer.

But the way anchor Kirsty Wark chose to sign off her Newsnight telecast yesterday is scary. Mainly because of what it portends for the BBC.

What’s next? An army of Guy Fawkes impersonators on Nov. 5? A digital drop into Bing Crosby and David Bowie around Christmastime?

Wark has been with the BBC since the mid-1970s and a presenter with Newsnight since 1991. In 2011, she competed on the U.K. program Celebrity MasterChef and lost in the finals to Phil Vickery.

Public opinion is firmly divided about whether this Wark on the Halloween side was a fun, permissible diversion or a scandalous, shocking reporting breach. In terms of pun headlines, The Daily Mail wins at press time with its “The Wark-ing Dead:…” slug.