Kinsley considering an even longer commute

The Observer picks up on rumors that Michael Kinsley is being considered for the editorship of the Atlantic and asks owner David Bradley if indeed the K-dog is on the S-list for the E-position. (To my older readers, sorry for the lingo, but I’ve decided to take a shot at the youth market.):

Rumors have brought up the name of Michael Kinsley, with whom Mr. Bradley said he had breakfast in Seattle. “I had a great conversation with Michael… . I can’t tell you how many people have recommended him as the best editor they’ve ever seen,” he said.

But Mr. Kinsley is an unlikely candidate. A veteran telecommuter who declined to move to Los Angeles while running the Los Angeles Times editorial page, he appears to be a poor fit for Mr. Bradley’s ingathering-of-talent plan. And as Mr. Kinsley’s journalistic wanderings start to resemble Larry Brown’s basketball ones, he seems unlikely to settle in for anyone’s long-term rebuilding project.

On the other hand, WikiAtlantic kind of has a nice ring to it…