King’s Bounty: Legions launches on Android

Russian game developer Nival today announced its turned-based strategy game series King’s Bounty is making its Android debut with King’s Bounty: Legions, and is now available on Google Play. Originally released on iOS and Facebook, the game already has a large following and Mac OS and Kindle Fire versions of the game are coming soon.

In the game, players control an army built from individual units with unique combat and defense statistics. As the player wins battles, they gain experience points and more unit types become available at higher levels. The player is also able to explore more of the map to encounter new enemies at a higher level. The key addition Nival made to King’s Bounty when they brought the game to Facebook is the player-versus-player mode, a series first and a natural fit for a social platform.

Nival says that its making cross-platform play a priority going forward, so once all versions of the game are released players will be able to share their characters and game sessions across multiple devices using Facebook Connect, progressing through the game’s player versus environment and player versus player gameplay.

Cross platform play is always a welcome feature in mobile and social games but it suits the King’s Bounty formula especially well since the game’s campaigns can last for many hours but can also be picked up and dropped for short sessions lasting only a few turns.

Nival claims that, according to data gathered from an October 2012 Flurry report, its gamers log in to play more than twice as often as other social gamers. Going by the same report, it also says that while the average social game is played in small, several-minute increments, Nival gamers play in nearly 25-minute increments, four times per day on average.