Kindlegraph Makes Autographs Digital, Requires Twitter Access

A new digital book signing tool called Kindlegraph has been getting a lot of ink from various publishing and tech blogs these days, so when I saw a banner ad for the new tool, I had to investigate.

The tool sounds pretty cool. Like Autography, Kindlegraph lets authors send personalized digitized signatures directly to their fans’ eReaders. The Digital Reader has more: “KindleGraph is the work of a developer by the name of Evan Jacobs, a former Amazon programmer. He built the service a couple months ago as part of the DocuSign hackathon…”.

Essentially readers can request autographs from authors from select books within the Kindlegraph library (so far it includes about 200 authors and 700 books). But what I don’t like about it is that in order to use the tool either as an author or a reader, you have to authorize Kindlegraph to use your Twitter account. This includes giving them the ability to read tweets from your timeline, see who you follow and follow new people, as well as update your profile and post tweets for you.

Would you let a company make tweets from your Twitter account in exchange for a digital author’s signature?