Kindle Owners Share Their Reasons For Using An eReader On LinkedIn

Shelf space and portability are among reasons that Kindle owners on LinkedIn say that they adopted their eReaders for.

In the “Kindle User” group, Joanna Louise Johnson posed the question: “What motivated you to try digital reading via Kindle? Thought I’d never go digital but interest in using less natural resources and having more space on my shelves got me to try it and now I’m sold!” (In the thread, she admits her addiction to the dictionary tool).

The responses were varied but everyone was enthusiastic about their devices.

Danny Foncke wrote: “Shelve space ! – we’ve got wall to wall – ceiling high – book shelves. It was or digital or moving (to a bigger) house :)”

George Hall posted: “I commute to work so being able to read on the way to work was a blessing… having to carry a book with me was a curse! I started off using my iPod Touch to read, then my HTC Desire and then decided to take the plunge and buy a Kindle. I have yet to be disappointed (although I do sometimes get funny looks off people on the bus!).”

Lauren Gascoigne wrote: “I bought a KIndle after authoring a Kindle book. I wanted to see how it presented; a friend also showed me my novel on his iPHONE with the free Kindle application. I also enjoy the Kindle because we have badly financed libraries where I live. The only free recent books involve a 40 mile round trip in dense population. So sometimes Kindle is very cost effective. I also have trouble finding specific titles at the nearest brick and mortar.”

Toby Philpott wrote: “Portability has been a major factor. I decided to buy one after having to carry about 4 kg of technical books for a project I was working on. Having a Kindle has enabled me to seriously reduce the weight of my luggage and travel much lighter. The free books are a bonus as are the need not to stare at a computer screen to read a pdf is a big bonus too. The Kindle display is also highly readable. Love it and have never looked back.”

Scott Bowman wrote: “I had been dreaming of an electronic book almost every night for too many years, then for the past 28 or so years complaining to my wife about havnig an electronic book, not reading on a computer. So, when the Kindle first came out, my wife got it for me and I was hooked.”