Kindle Library eBooks Coming Soon?

OverDrive held Digipalooza, its annual conference, in Cleveland this past weekend and it looks like some interesting hints may have been dropped about the coming library ebook support for the Kindle.

There were no official announcements, but Steve Potash, the CEO of OverDrive was described in ways that would suggest he had a secret that he couldn’t wait to share. He didn’t give out any even vague info, but when asked about the Kindle library eBooks he is reported to have said: “soon” and, “I’m not allowed to announce a date yet.”

In other news, Steve used the closing session of Digipalooza to discuss OverDrive’s plans to enhance its services as part of the new WIN platform. Library Patrons will soon be able to request a digital title that a library doesn’t carry yet, and they’ll be able to buy it themselves if they don’t want to wait.

via Early Word