Kindle Leather Cover for Kindle 3 Arrived. No Ship Date for My Kindle 3 Yet.


As expected, my Kindle Leather Cover for the Kindle 3 (WiFi only) arrived yesterday (August 31). And, also as expected my Kindle 3 still does not have a ship date. There is hope, however, Amazon’s status page for my account says “Shipping Soon”.

The $34.99 Kindle Leather Cover is a simple affair. It is a stiff pair of leather covers that folds in the middle with a rubber strap to hold it together. I wonder how long that rubber band strap will last? I’m guessing less than a year. Two metal clips inside of the cover provide a positive lock on the Kindle 3 (if I actually had one :-). People who pre-ordered the new WiFi-Only Kindle started receiving their units late last week.

It is a good thing I have so many other devices to let me read Kindle ebooks. Otherwise, I’d probably be a lot more anxious about the Kindle 3’s shipping date. As it is, I’m not worried about a lack of e-reading material while sitting in a plane for a total of about 22 hours in September.

One of those trips will be to San Francisco to attend mediabistro’s Think Mobile conference on September 23 (more on this later). I hope to see some of you there in one of my favorite cities.