Kindle Leads As eReader Internet Searches Are Up

Ebook Internet Searches.png

According to Experian’s Hitwise UK, generic searches for eReaders have doubled in the last year.

Kindle is leading the pack, as Kindle-related searches have increased eight times. Robin Goad, Research Director at Hitwise UK explains more in his blog: “What’s interesting to note from the above chart is the rise in popularity of Kindle-related search terms against other branded terms. In the last month searches for Kindles have never been higher. Amazon’s product is pulling away from the competition, where previously the volume of searches has been roughly even between Kindles and other e-readers.”

Hitwise also found that branded search terms are more common than generic eReader search terms. Goad wrote: “Searches for branded terms search as ‘sony reader’ and ‘amazon kindle’ have always been more popular than ‘ebook’.”