Kindle Fire Reportedly Sold 95 Thousand on the First Day

There’s an interesting number being bandied about today, but I’m not sure how much it should be trusted. According to eDataSource, Amazon took in orders for nearly 95,000 Kindle Fire tablets on the that first Wednesday that it was available.

eDatasource has more:

eDataSource, a leading provider of online competitive intelligence, estimates that sales of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire reached 95,000 units during the first day that the device was made available through Amazon’s website. “eDataSource’s panel of 800,000 inboxes allows us to gain insight into eCommerce sales” said Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource. “Within hours we can get a read on hot product launches based on sales from leading eCommerce websites.”

By analyzing purchase receipts received by email, eDataSource is able to estimate the daily orders places at major ecommerce sites as well as what products are being purchased. eDataSource can then report on eCommerce trends at large or specific product sales.

For all we know it’s just a bunch of hooey. Can you verify the sources? What about the statistical methods? If all we know is this one number being bandied about, then to be honest we don’t know anything. And we won’t know anything unless Amazon decides to reveal the sales figures, and that’s not something it has ever done before.

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