Kindle Fire Launches in Europe

When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire last year Android users in Europe could only gnash their teeth in jealousy. Amazon wasn’t interested in selling the tablet outside of the US, but yesterday  that changed.

A bevy of Kindle Fire HD tablets were announced yesterday, in addition to releasing an update to the original tablet, and at least two are heading for Europe. Starting next month, Amazon customers in the UK and Europe will be able to buy the Kindle Fire HD 7″ model with prices starting at £159, and the updated Kindle Fire will sell for £129. That’s a noticeable increase over the US list price but once you subtract the additional taxes it’s not a significant increase.

The Kindle Fire prices in Europe will start at €159 for the base model. It’s not clear in which countries it will be available, but Amazon did recently launch the Amazon Appstore in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. I would think that the Kindle Fire might not be available in the rest of Europe due to the limited access to the Amazon Appstore.