Kin Community Gets Fit for NewFronts

SoulCycle hosts leading women's lifestyle YouTube collective

Kin Community gets the healthy living award at this year's NewFronts. Also, the earliest: 7:30 this morning at a SoulCycle in New York City. 

Kin is the No. 1 lifestyle destination for women on YouTube, with about 150 channels, 33 million subscribers and more than 100 million followers across social media. The target demo is women 18-54 and that's exactly who showed up for the event.

Staffers greeted guests at the door and quickly explained there would be no announcements, nor would they mention their unique digital content. Instead, this was simply a cycling class to bring the community together.

"We are primarily focused on connecting our large network of creators with the world's leading advertisers," Kin vp of sales Lauren Merriam said. Merriam sought an interactive event to align with the company's philosophy.

"It's [Kin's content] so unique and that there is so much engagement vs. television, where you're just watching. YouTube is very interactive," Merriam said.

I knew I was in trouble when I was handed a pair of cycling shoes that were significantly damp. I was afraid to ask if they were sweaty from a prior session, or if they'd been doused in some sort of germ-cleaning solution. Let's hope it was the latter.

The admittedly hung-over crowd was still buzzing about a DJ set from Snoop Dogg during the after-party for last night's YouTube #Brandcast NewFront.

The dark, candle-lit room was filled with roughly 35 women and one male reporter from Adweek. Yes, I was the only guy, something mentioned early and often by the mic'd up instructor. 

"Brian, are you OK?" was probably the most-popular phrase of the session, aside from SoulCycle lingo about "saddles" and "hills."

The high-intensity, 45-minute indoor cycling class was a legit workout. The media planners, ad buyers, Kin execs and creative types in attendance all seemed like they knew exactly what was going on. These women were here for a workout, not just to show face or mingle.

"It's very important that we find advertisers who understand the authenticity of YouTube and their creators," Merriam said. "SoulCycle is really popular and for a lot of the clients that we're talking to, this is a part of their life."

As for me, I survived my first SoulCycle class. But there is a legitimate chance I won't be able to walk tomorrow.