Here Comes the Film-Critic Bride

So far, the startling news of 37-year-old Los Angeles film critic Kim Morgan’s engagement to 54-year-old Canadian director Guy Maddin isn’t getting much attention in the Hollywood press. But that will likely change.

Morgan’s At the Movies boss Roger Ebert spilled the beans late last week on Twitter, and except for a few astonished reactions via the micro-blogging service from fellow critics such as @DrewatHitFix and @devincf, it’s been pretty quiet on the western front. Not so in Winnipeg, where the impending nuptials were deemed “Breaking News:”

Maddin and Morgan fell in love when he flew her to Winnipeg this summer to star in his film Keyhole (in which she plays Udo Kier’s gun moll) and in the short films Hauntings. The director has been married once before, but has been divorced, he says, for 32 years.

At The Movies played an integral part in how the lovebirds first met. Maddin tells the newspaper that after watching Richard Roeper condescend to Morgan during a on-air discussion about Baby Doll, he began a correspondence with her. No word yet from Morgan on her blog, but in an intriguing bit of timing, the apparently fake Twitter account @SunsetGunShots was suspended late last week.

P.S. Our favorite reader comment to the Winnipeg Free Press story is one by a male reader who says he now understands why he has been seeing Maddin at the gym four-five times a week.

Update – 12/08/10: Not that this ever does much good, but wedding party-pooper Ebert has since deleted his three tweets about the impending nuptials.

(Photo of Morgan, on location at Lake Winnipeg, courtesy of her Photostream)