Kim Kingsley Leaves Post To Join Capitol Leader

The Washington Post’s Kim Kingsley, who was reportedly being groomed by Tina Gulland (the Post’s director of television and radio projects) to take over the paper’s TV/Radio/Media operations at the Post, has decided to leave the paper to join Capitol Leader, where she will be the head of a strategic team to promote and support the paper’s TV/Radio/Internet presence.

The Post offered to match, but Kingsley declined. When that happened, the Post asked Kingsley to leave immediately.

Sources tell us that this is a sizable blow to the Post, due to both Kingsley’s likability within the paper and her notable skills and talent.

Side note: In most instances, reporters who consider leaving for the Capitol Leader have had their potential Cap Leader salaries matched by their employers and yet they still leave for the Leader (which does speak well of what the Leader is offering/promising). So, besides Cillizza, who’s turning down the Leader? So far, the Leader’s batting average looks pretty good…