Who Are Kim Jong-un’s Favorite Reporters?

Back on May 3, the world commemorated “World Press Freedom Day.” Everyone except North Korea, that is. They decide to wait until May 15 to celebrate by running an editorial in the state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun. The piece is called “Mockery of Press” and it takes several shots at American media and the so-called “Freedom of report.”

WaPo reports on the rambling editorial, which seems to make the argument that American media is both too restricted and too free. While it seems to be a generalization of ALL of American media, two reporters get glowing reviews from The Dear Leader.

Who are Kim Jong-Un’s approved reporters?

The editorial has high praise for Fishbowl Favorite Dylan Byers. Why? The original article says:

In April last year a reporter of U.S. news website “Politico” visited the DPRK in connection with its launch of globe observation satellite “Kwangmyongsong-3.” The reporter exposed that the White House said reports on the DPRK’s launch of satellite is free propaganda for the DPRK and demanded news reporters not conspire with “Korea”s propaganda activities”.

Byers took to his own blog today to clarify exactly what went down. He wrote, “Just for the record: I didn’t actually visit the DPRK… also, “Politico” should be all-caps.” When we reached out to Byers for comment, he answered, “Hold on, I”m pitching VandeHarris on a POLITICO Pyongyang bureau.”

Li’l Kim also says that Helen Thomas should be admired. Remember, the longtime UPI White House Correspondent was relieved of her reporting duties for anti-Semitic comments. WaPo sums it up:

“Rodong Sinmun argues that Thomas was wrongly pressured out of her job and had done nothing wrong. It does get a couple of things wrong: First, it refers to her as a “he” and, second, it seems to confuse her statement that all Jews should leave Israel with advocating that Israel should withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories.”

First, Dennis Rodman. Now Thomas and Byers. At least the North Korean leader has eccentric taste in the people he admires.