Kiddie Mojo, Wet Seal, Old Navy and others in this week’s most talked about pages among clothing retailers

Independent clothing company, Kiddie Mojo, leads American clothing retailers as a weekly gainer for the People Talking About This metric.

Panicloset, a Thai fashion boutique, has seen the highest growth overall this week. Second on the list, with only 4,089 likes, Kiddie Mojo has seen over 100,000 engagements this week, surpassing popular retailers Wet Seal and Old Navy.

The top 10 pages gaining People Talking About This saw increases between about 60,000 and over 200,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Panicloset798,933+99,322+224,077
2   Kiddie Mojo188,539+4,847+119,987
3   Wet Seal152,199+105,445+107,926
4   Kat Von D Los Angeles95,612+874+93,492
5   ZARA139,635+18,955+88,613
6   Old Navy142,933+42,953+73,241
7   Momolove204,4690+68,579
8   Fox Racing95,442-7,175+57,043
9   BG Fashion53,741-464+46,291
10   Nordstrom71,288+18,108+45,318


Kiddie Mojo, a company started by two parents, typically sees anywhere between 20 to 300 shares. However, they sometimes see their weekly growth skyrocket with with a single post receiving more than one thousand shares, which can be seen below. In addition, the majority of the page’s PTAT growth is not necessarily from engagement directly from the Kiddie Mojo page, but from viral shares and the likes and comments that come from the friends of a fan who shared the post. This week saw no posts of Kiddie Mojo’s actual products so it is unclear whether this growth has increased business.

Women’s retailer, Wet Seal, has seen outstanding daily growth, skyrocketing their weekly growth. This could be due to Sponsored Stories bought by the company or viral growth, but the page did see a spike in new Likes on July 8, which has impacted PTAT. The company, much like other fashion companies, have started spotlight their Instagram feed through a third party application. These posts see large engagement on Facebook in addition to the likes on Instagram.

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