Kickstarter Project Raises Nearly $1M

An independent project to create multi-touch watches based on Apple’s iPod Nano raised nearly $1 million on crowd sourced funding service Kickstarter.

Chicago-based industrial design firm MNML and founder Scott Wilson blew past the project’s measly $15,000 funding goal to rake in pledges worth $941,558. Wilson’s TikTok and LunaTik watch concepts attracted pledges from 13,510 people who wanted to see them become a reality.

Kickstarter has been the go-to service for funding independent creative projects since it launched in 2009, but this is the first time that a project has even approached the million dollar mark. The startup, which takes a 5% cut of all funds raised, has been used to fund everything from films and music to hardware projects and video games. The previous funding record holder was a film project based on the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, which brought in $345,992 in October, just over a third of the Nano watch project.

Wilson said the TikTok watches, which hold a Nano in a snap-in plastic housing, will ship to Kickstarter supporters in late December, while the LunaTik ones, which hold the Nano in a machined aluminum enclosure, will go out in mid-January. The watches will retail for $34.95 and $69.95 respectively. iPod Nano not included.

To see the prototype in action, here’s Wilson’s Kickstarter video: