Kickstarter Crunches the Potato Salad Numbers

Kickstarter’s official blog was launched in 2009. Today, perhaps, it should close. Because it seems hard to believe that the mic can be dropped harder than after the project that closed Saturday with $55,492 in the crowd-funded bank.

From Fred Benenson and David Gallagher’s post “Potato Salad: By the Numbers:”

Traffic to the project page quickly took off and eventually reached 4.1 million visits. That made it the fourth-most-viewed project page in Kickstarter’s history…

Among countries with more than five backers, Norway had the highest average pledge at $12, followed by South Korea and Sweden.

You say “amazing,” we say depressing. Or, as Jason Kreiger notes in the blog post comments:

Isn’t Kickstarter worried about credibility after a project like this. I searched “potato salad” on Kickstarter and came up with over 200 copycat potato salad Kickstarters… Why is there no one regulating these projects? I saw a Kickstarter the other day for drawing the world’s largest penis. C’mon, it’s a slap in the face for any serious creators out there and muddles up the credibility of having a Kickstarter.